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Long-term Sage performance on WPEngine?

I’m curious if anyone has anything to say about long-term performance of Sage on WPEngine. Especially with their particular caching system. My organization is moving from an ACF-heavy site to hopefully something more sleek in the Gutenberg era. ACF worked well for us in the beginning but now we’re starting to see some odd errors that seem cache-based in ACF. I’m evaluating theme frameworks and Sage is one of my top picks but I’m a little shy about committing my organization to a piece of technology that could become problematic. Specifically problematic with how Sages’ blade templates and WPEngine’s setup interact. WPEngine’s support has assured me that plenty of people on their platform use Sage and that changing the blade cache directory is typically how people use Sage there, I’m still curious about what WPEngine users think about this issue.

What does this mean? ACF is a very safe, stable, and reliable plugin

Sage isn’t a framework :smiley: it’s a starting point.

This is fine.

IMO, your biggest issue is being on WP Engine… which doesn’t even support recent PHP versions.

At the start of September, WP Engine started supporting PHP 7.2 but only for dedicated plans. They may have rolled it out to their other plans since then, but if not you will not be able to use the current version of Sage on WP Engine unless you are on one of their dedicated plans.

If you are able to get your WPE account on PHP 7.2, you should have zero problems using the current version of Sage on WPE once you change the template cache location.

I would echo what @benword said and encourage you to look at other hosts such as Kinsta if possible. If you’re concerned about the long term I would put my bet on Kinsta over WP Engine to continue providing you with the software versions and developer access you will need. WP Engine is very slow to support newer PHP versions (which Sage may require in the future), and gives developers pretty limited access (though they have slowly opened that up just a bit).

I’m not particularly interested in debugging our ACF issue, we’ve spent enough time doing that.

We are on a dedicated plan, hosting provider decisions are out of my hands. For the moment it’s WPEngine or nothing.

Thanks, though.