Looking for advice on adding a restricted member area with user management with Bedrock

Hello there,

It’s the first time I go into wordpress development with bedrock. I was able to create a blog really quickly with a clean code! thanks to the bedrock’s team :sparkling_heart:

Now I’m would like to add a restricted area to my site and limite access to unlogged user for some contents. I searched on google a solution but there is so many plugin that I’m confused.
I would like to know if someone has some feedbacks on adding this functionality with Bedrock. Do you recommend to use a plugin (free is preferred) or should I develop my own plugin?

Thanks in advanced for your time.

I use Ultimate Member which I highly recommend - https://ultimatemember.com/

Hello JordanC26,
Thanks a lot for you feedback. I will try with the free plugin of ultimatemember!

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