Looking for work? Post your info here!

I know there are some of us looking for work, and some with more than we can handle. Personally I would love to meet some talented designer/developer types to hire when projects come in.

So, if you are looking for work, chime in below with a link to your portfolio and let’s see if we can build some relationships on Roots and WordPress!

(Please don’t discuss specific jobs in this post. We may have a place for that in the future, but take that offline for now)


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I’ve been developing with WordPress for 4 years now and been using roots pretty much exclusively for the past year (although I always remove Bootstrap and choose to use another lighter framework). The majority of work I do is for whitelabel agencies so I cannot post them on my portfolio but able to share a PDF to you guys instead.


Hi Chris,

I’ve been using a custom version of Roots for almost a year now, along with Cuztom and Redux to easy-to-use WordPress sites to my clients.

Feel free to have a look at http://saika.li for some (almost) recent projects.

Thanks, and keep up the good work !

Hello Chris,

I’ve been using roots since 2010, and WordPress since 2007. WordPress/Roots is my go-to for new projects.

I’m always open to hearing someone out. I can be contacted at hello@imagineiff.com and my portfolio can be seen at imagineiff.com

Thank you!

Great idea having a thread like this!

I’m have a strong design background an am using roots in almost every project nowadays. Focus is on creating beautiful, minimalistic websites with focus in typography and conversion. My portfolio is metamonks.com and you can get in touch here.


Hello Chris,

I have been working and developing WordPress theme since 2009. And this year, I came across Roots template and feel in love with it instantly especially now that you added Grunt and new workflows. I am a fast learner.

You can check my Behance - still uploading other works.


Thanks @tigre! Replying to your email now…


Mostly interested in WordPress hacking and JavaScript. My site http://omarabid.com and github https://github.com/omarabid


Always looking for fun projects. I use Roots exclusively for WordPress sites. Portfolio and ways to contact me @ http://processyellow.ca.

Looking for interesting projects. Here is portfolio: www.rantawa.org.

Hey -

My name is Jon, from Chicago, IL and I have been doing WordPress development for over 3 years, while working exclusively with Roots on many projects in the past. I can be found here: http://tenebroso.net

I’m always looking for exciting projects both big and small.

Thanks for looking!

Jon | Tenebroso

I’m usually busy developing new Roots themes for local shops in town (or working on some awesome/silly startup) but would love to work with some other designers and teams every so often.

I’ve been developing custom WordPress sites for about 4 years now and have used Roots since before it had Bootstrap built in!

My info can be found here: http://jmlabs.io and http://julienmelissas.com

Hi Chris,

thanks for this thread!

I’m based in South Germany and spezialize in multilingual websites using the Wordpress Networked Blogs functionality, although Websites in only one language are just as fine!

I’m developing with Wordpress for more than 5 years now, and since I got notice of the roots theme, which was in spring 2012 I’m using it exclusively.

For Folks out there interested in working with me: German/English works equally well for me. I do understand some French, however, if you need (an-) other language(s) other than German or English, that is certainly possible but we need to talk about translation services then.

Check out my most recent work here: http://simon-communications.com.


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I’m Rory Heaney,

I’ve been using roots for 2 years now. All but a couple of the sites in my portfolio are on roots.

My work can be seen here: http://wastelandgraphics.com/

Hello Roots Community,

i have been using wordpress for a few years and i am getting deeper into the design - dev aspect - I come from a film tv background and would love to find work that will continue to grow my skills in html, css, php, javascript, etc.

I have created (both design & dev) and run a membership site using s2member that has been successful since 2012. (contact me if you want free membership to check out my skills)

BIGmind online

I would be interested in helping assist projects for anyone who needs another set of hands, eyes and enthusiasm. I have pretty good knowledge of html and css. I am currently learning php and javascript which is my newest learning focus. (i am huge fan of udacity.com & codecademy.com). I am currently playing with theme design using roots and with plugin design using Tom’s boilerplate plugin starter.

I am finally getting to the point where i am surprised about what i do know instead of what i don’t.

I love the WP and our Open Source community and would really appreciate any consideration so i can grow and flourish here.

BTW I am an expert on Compression, Streaming, Video Production and Editing. I have many awards for that work and have alpha and beta tested for Avid Adobe MSFT Bungie Sony.

here is my resume although it is still more content creation - since for the most part i have been my own client for web and code projects.

in Gratitude,
Arthur Klein
me@arthurklein [d] com

Hello everyone!

Since June 2013, Roots has been my favorite way to kick-off a new theme. Just want to connect with other’s out there. When I’m not making websites, I’m hiking/climbing/camping/eating. Made my first site in 1998 and still having fun with it.

Portfolio: http://bigwilliam.com

I based in Austin !

I will expose some works, soon.


Hey, I’m a Front-End Dev, and I’ve been doing WordPress on and off for about 5 years now (among other platforms), I’m getting back into it WordPress, and starting out with Roots.io, send me some work offers at johnchowork@gmail.com, I’d love to work with some great designers or teams.