Main.css file blank

Ok I switched over to Roots 7.0 and also switched from Sass to Less.

Everything looks good in dev, but after deploying to production my main.min.css file is blank.

In dev I’m loading main.css

Can someone explain?

Ok looks like they aren’t being committed to my repo. Though I don’t see anything in the .gitignore file to prevent them from being committed.

Ok I’ve answered my own question.

Roots 7.0.0 uses a .gitignore file in the theme root, which prevents assets (js /css / etc) from being committed to your repo.

But I deploy with git…So I just commented out the appropriate lines.

Here’s an alternative method:

Is your main.min.css file present in your local environment? You probably need to run grunt build. Roots tells WP to load different assets depending on your environment: How to correctly add bxslider to my theme (disregard the last sentence in that post).

Thank you.

I hadn’t noticed that Roots 7.0.0 ignores the assets directory in it’s .gitignore file.