Maintenance of WordPress site using Sage 9

I’ve just started working on maintaining a wordpress site that is currently using version 9.0.9 of Sage. I’ve never used Sage before, so I’ve been searching for the documentation of this version, but all I’ve found is the online documentation corresponding to version 10.7.0, which seems to have some major breaking changes, making the docs useless in my case. If someone here can point me to where the right documentation for the version 9.0.9 is, I’d really appreciate it.

I’d also like to know if updating Sage version to the latest would be the right thing to do in my case. I’ve read another post in the forum which seems to say it’s not necessary, but I’m not really sure.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Sage 9 docs can be found at

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Thanks @ben ! I’ve been reading the docs, and I’ve found another problem. It seems that the person that was maintaining the site before me has removed the files related to the dependencies (package.json, package.lock, composer.json, composer.lock, yarn.lock, and also the whole node_modules folder), and now it’s impossible for me to install the appropriate versions of the dependencies.

I’ve been trying to reverse engineer them, but every time I try to run yarn build, it throws me a bunch of different errors. Do you think there may be any possible solution? I’m sorry for the od question, but I’ve run out of ideas.