Make local development accessible from local network to allow other people to edit content of the Wordpress website


Is it possible to configure Trellis to allow the VM of local development to be accessible from the local network (at work or home) when it builds the VM?

Because when another device try the “website.test” or VM IP address it cannot reach it.

From my computer (Mac High SIerra) all is reachable.

I saw some solutions like VirtualBox port forwarding but I would like to get a solution integrated with Trellis command provisioning if it is possible.

I run through a lot of readings but it is not clear what should be done for me.

Thank you

Are you using Sage too? If so, you can simply run yarn run start and you will get an external url (something like which is accessible from your network.

For Vagrant, take a look at HTTP Sharing.

Hi @Wassim,

Yes I use Sage with BrowserSync but this is not ideal to edit content. I could start an other BrowserSync server to keep it out of my tests session when designing with syncing events but it get an error when I try to add it, usually it worked well.

I red many peoples in this Discourse saying they got an error with Vagrant Share but I will give a try.

Thank you

I found something that will be sufficient, we can start different BrowserSync sessions with other IP address simply by running it in a new terminal window. I disabled syncing for these sessions with the BS UI.

This brings me to another question, is it possible to only run BrowserSync instance without the files watching?

EDIT: Really simple. From sage theme folder: browser-sync start --proxy 'https://website.test'

Because it is not necessary for these specific session where my collegues are only Wordpress editor.