Managed Bedrock with Nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 DigitalOcean

So I managed to make Bedrock works on Nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 inside DigitalOcean VPS:

Only 2 quirks;

  1. yet to use the cap deploy because I can’t wrap my head around how do I sync my local copy of the site with the one in VPS? Maybe an example would help. In PagodaBox it’s all done for us.

  2. Secondly somehow the setup doesn’t detect Roots theme and plugins inside app folders. I bet it must be the nginx’s server block configuration file that messed it up.

At first I only get my site at and gave me a Welcome to Nginx! message.

Now that do all the things I checked in my gist, it’s all working fine on (SITEURL). Only thing to figure how do I make Nginx detect the app folder instead of the normal wp-content inside wp.

I can share my instance lemme know if anyone’s interested.

The site is btw.

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Could be a permissions issue if nothing inside app/ is being detected.

For 1), I assume by “local sync” you mean the database? Capistrano doesn’t do this by default for you. It’s just a matter of doing a local DB dump and then importing it on your server.

I’ll try to look that up and proceed with this in mind. What’s the permission should be like? I think I already setup the permission on root-level at var/www and anything installed should take care of itself based on the tutorial. Anyway thanks for helping out!

Earlier I suspect it’s more of server block somehow doesn’t detect app/ folder etc. Will share my result here.

For 1) Ah, I meant by pushing/pull changes from local to remote. Right now for I’m syncing that with WP Migrate DB Pro even for PagodaBox and other setups.

What I meant I can’t wrap my mind around (*still yet to watch the video!) how do my VPS would allow/accept changes I push from my local to it with cap deploy. I figure I have to setup something in order for it to work. Gonna get it and watch soon.

Still slightly confused by your description of push/pull changes from local to remote.

WordPress site “changes” consist of 2 things:

  1. Code changes
  2. DB changes

#1 is taken care of by source control (Git). Any changes you do locally you commit to your Git repo. Then cap deploy pulls down the Git repo on the remote server so you now have those updates. #2 is in the DB so obviously not in Git. Therefore by default, Capistrano doesn’t do anything to help you “sync” your database across servers.

Re: permissions. Whatever user/group the web server (Nginx) is running as needs at least read permissions for your web root. It’s likely it’s www-data for the group. chown -R <user>:www-data /var/www/site and chmod -R g+r /var/www/site would take care of that. Substitute in whatever user you want.

Sorry for the confusion.

Yes what I mean was totally push/pull changes from local to remote (the VPS). I didn’t not meant DB changes for Bedrock / cap deploy. I think it’s just me still confuse on how it’s all work. Sorry for the confusion again.

I have tried that but seems like this is the only thing I left out! Omg can’t wait to try and see if it works!

I did something like this based on their tutorial here on Step 5;

sudo chown www-data:www-data * -R 
sudo usermod -a -G www-data username

Not sure if its the same thing but I’ll hope this settles it.

Figured out Bedrock totally works on DigitalOcean’s Ubuntu 12.04 with Nginx:

*only to try out capistrano part but I believe it should work as excepted. Will test drive it soon.

UPDATE: Managed multiple WordPress in subdirectories on a single Ubuntu 12.04 droplet with Nginx. Refer here.

Good job debugging! Haven’t run into that issue personally but at some point I’ll start documenting these in a GitHub wiki on Bedrock.

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Now that this base works I’m going to continue experimenting with

  1. Varnish and
  2. Multiple standalone WordPress (not MU) in subdirectories with Nginx *[SOLVED HERE].

Will report and share any findings with those who are interested.

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I’d be all for some sort of walkthrough thingie for running Bedrock and Roots on Digital Ocean :slight_smile:

Bump. Anyone care to point me in a direction to get going with a setup like this on DO?

This thread is about DO already? @ajmalafif has posted his instructions a few times in this thread so I suggest reading them.