MapifyPro Plugin & Sage 8.1.1 Conflict

Hello all,

I am struggling here, any help is greatly appreciated! Our Store Locator plugin, MapifyPro, has a conflict with the Roots theme I am developing. It works fine with Twenty Fifteen theme and it has no plugin conflicts, so it appears to be my theme. It also has the same bug with a fresh Sage install so everything is pointing the finger at Sage 8.1.1.

Test URL: Test URL:

The main issue is that the modal doesn’t display when clicking the “more details” button on a location. The modal is there but not visible. The class “mpfy-p-popup-active” which should be passed to the modal on click is not. There are also parts of the page that are duplicated in the footer (

Additionally I noticed when testing on Twenty Fifteen that the modal loads separate page html where Roots is not doing that.

Twenty-Fifteen works fine, Sage does not. Again, any help is greatly appreciated!

If the modal is used with js check if there are any conflicts as in maybe it loading it’s own jquery etc.

Are you also using the soil plugin? Try disabling the jquery cdn option or soild altogether to narrow down the problems.

I’m having the same issues. I’m trying to get to the bottom if this too. I would be very grateful if you could let me know if you fix it. I will do the same.

No problem @ash - I have the plugin developers on top of it. They were very willing to help and I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update. Thanks!

That would be great thanks. I was going to raise a ticket with them next :wink:

Hi have you had any more luck with a fix for this?

Ok, go to your account and update the plugin to 2.2.5 and this should fix the issue! Let me know. Thanks!

Yep that’s done the trick! thanks.