Migrate an existing Wordpress Site for using Bedrock

Hi, I already have a existing Wordpress site running in a mutualise server. I want to migrate this site to a new server like Heroku or Digital Ocean. ANd I also want to use a more modern stack to deploy may wordpress site. So I have chosen Bedrock.

My question is: Is that simple? I know that Bedrock is using Bcript for password encryption. So how this is gonna work when I will do the migration?

Does someone have already done that? which king of problem did you have doing that?

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I realize this is an old request, but just saw Ben’s response. Going to try out the wp-valet plugin, hadn’t used that before.

Here’s how we do it, in case it helps!

Not sure if this got filtered out but I believe this is the URL you were wanting to drop in?


Why, thank you kind sir. I’m not sure what happened there.

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