Migrating local site to Kinsta via Homestead/Bedrock setup

I’m trying to migrate a local site onto our new Kinsta account and I was trying to follow the instructions here, however, I realized we’re not using Trellis as the local dev setup, we’re using Homestead.

Given that, is there an equivalent process to deploy from Homestead?

For future projects, we’ll be moving to a Trellis/Bedrock/Sage setup because we will be moving to Kinsta for all our hosting needs. Unfortunately, I don’t have that option yet with this last project because another developer set it up and they’re no longer with the organization.

I don’t believe so: Homestead (iirc) is just a system for spinning up and managing local VMs; Trellis does that but also handles provisioning and deployment. Homestead isn’t going to have a “deploy process” in the way that Trellis does: Deploying a site you built locally with Homestead is just going to be an “old-school” process of copying your files up w/ FTP.

Since Homestead is just a specially configured Vagrant box, you could convert a Homestead project into a Trellis one without (hopefully) too much trouble.

Yes, it looks like Homestead is just managing the local VM, and we were using Forge to provision and deploy code to AWS.

We’re moving away from that and to Kinsta, though.

So, instead of Trellis-ifying this project, I tried to just FTP everything over and it’s juuuust about there.


It looks like the majority of my site images are throwing 404 errors, custom fonts aren’t appearing. This is after doing a search and replace of the database as well. Also, the /wp-admin page is throwing a 404 error as well.

I spoke with Kinsta support and they mentioned:

Please let them know we have changed the document root to root /www/learncharterschoolnetwork_344/public/web; in NGINX. If it needs to be something else, we can help with changing that later on.

Is there something in the Bedrock/Sage config files that is re-writing urls? Is there something that is disabling the wp-login.php? Wondering if there’s a step I’m missing.

What does your file structure look like on the server, starting from the user home?

It looks like learncharterschoolnetwork_344/public/.

Inside that public folder is where I’ve got the config, vendor, and app folders.