Migration and Hosting

Hi There -

I have a client who is looking to move hosting, and their website is hosted on Bedrock/Roots/Sage. Bruxie.com

I’m not familiar with Roots - is there a hosting provider that could handle migration? if not, how do you migrate using roots?


Bedrock isn’t a hosting platform, it’s a modification to WordPress, so you’ll want to find out who the actual host is first. Who do they pay a bill to for web hosting?

Once you know that, you can begin working on migration. Migration should be pretty straight forward, and any major hosting provider should be able to host a Bedrock site without difficulty.

Thanks MWDelaney!

They are actually currently hosting through their old agency, who did their website. Not an actual hosting provider. Because they have cut ties with their agency, they are looking to take the client off of their internal hosting.

I’ve actually had a hell of a time finding a hosting provider that could handle the migration of a bedrock site! Even Digital Ocean, which people are suggesting, won’t handle migration.

Do you have a hosting provider you recommend?


If you’re looking for traditional shared hosting, with cPanel and everything you might be more familiar with, then I’d recommend Bluehost or Dreamhost. Either one is fine.

If you’re looking for a VPS provider, then Digital Ocean is definitely the way to go, but you have to be comfortable setting up the server from scratch yourself, or using tools like Trellis to set it up for you.

It sounds like the first option is more comfortable for you, which is fine! Everyone has different needs and skills.

Once you’ve chosen a new host, there are some threads on this forum about getting Bedrock running in a traditional shared hosting environment (the kind Bluehost and Dreamhost provide).

Great, thanks!

Is there a benefit to using a VPS provider vs a more traditional shared hosting?

I’m a bit under water with this request, so thank you very much for you patience!

No problem. It’s a slow week at work :slight_smile:

With a VPS you have your own server, so there’s no worry about “bad neighbors”. VPS also tend to be cheaper: I run client sites on $5/mo Digital Ocean servers and I have resources to spare on every server.

But you also incur a fair amount of technical debt: you have to be able to support the servers yourself if something goes wrong. There’s no technical support to call if you get hacked, or if the server goes down; it’s just you. Depending on how you set up a VPS (I’d recommend Trellis from the Roots team!) you’ll have to figure out your own solution for sending email from the site (like contact form notifications). VPS are slim and efficient because they sacrifice some of the quality of life tools that shared hosting providers and cPanel offer.

I ran client sites on shared hosting for a decade before making the tentative leap to separate VPS for each site. It’s definitely a more advanced method, in every sense of the term.

Since you’re a little underwater on this one, I’d recommend going with shared hosting (Bluehost, Dreamhost, or whatever you’ve used before), presuming you have some experience with that kind of provider. You’ll get cPanel, phpmyadmin, a nice hosting GUI, and all that typical stuff that you don’t get with a VPS (unless you install it yourself). That way at least one of the elements you’re working with is comfortable to you.

As for the actual migration, if you get yourself stuck, I’d be happy to offer my support. I have a consulting rate that we could discuss in a private message.

You’re also welcome to use this forum for migration questions, of course, but support here (especially this week) might be a little slower.

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Thank you SO much for spelling this out! Happy to hear there is someone out there than can help out!

If you’d like to send a private message, I’d love to hear more about your consulting rates as I’m sure we would love to have someone in our arsenal that actually knows what they are doing with bedrock/roots.

I’m speaking with bluehost currently on this account, but good to know you can go VPS. It sounds like its a more manual option for those who can actually maneuver the system, which we aren’t quite there yet!

Thank you!