Migration between bedrock on localhost and regular wordpress on shared hosting

Hi there,

This is probably very basic question but I’m trying to migrate DB between my local development and regular Wordpress installation on shared hosting.

I’ve uploaded theme folder through FTP and theme works like a champ although when was trying to migrate DB using wp-sync-db-1.5 got error and website stopped working.

I believe this is due to a different path to core Wordpress files in Bedrock? Like /wp/wp-admin etc.

Perhaps someone knows the solution for this problem?

Many Thanks!

What was the error? What does “stopped working” mean exactly? Do you see errors in your browser or your logs?

But yes, the paths are likely different. You could use WP-CLI to do a search and replace in the DB.

I figured that out. Had to remove “/wp/” wordrpress website url in database.