Missing asset-manifest.json file

I’m constantly getting this error in my browser console:
GET https://dev.example.co.uk/asset-manifest.json 404

I’ve searched “asset-manifest.json” across my site /site & /trellis directories and nothing found. The closest match is in this file: themename/config/assets.php

    | Assets Manifest
    | Your asset manifest is used by Sage to assist WordPress and your views
    | with rendering the correct URLs for your assets. This is especially
    | useful for statically referencing assets with dynamically changing names
    | as in the case of cache-busting.

    'manifest' => get_theme_file_path().'/dist/assets.json',

I’ve run yarn build, yarn run build:production and others and everything else loads fine but I am forever getting this 404 in the console. Any ideas?

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