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Missing dist folder


First of all thank you for this great piece of work Sage is.
The problem I have is after running npm/yarn build command, assets are compiled into ‘public’ folder, however there’s no ‘dist’ where I assume all views should go. Obviously then the theme is all blank on production server. Laravel Mix doesn’t throw any errors.

Is there anything I’m missing here?


Hi @lukaszformela,

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Can you copy your webpack.mix.js file here, please?

Seems you have you changed mix.setPublicPath value.


hey there,

same problem, running build yields no dist to deploy. using sage dev-master branch.

const mix = require('laravel-mix');




 | Mix Asset Management



 | Mix provides a clean, fluent API for defining some Webpack build steps

 | for your Sage application. By default, we are compiling the Sass file

 | for your application, as well as bundling up your JS files.







  .sass('resources/styles/app.scss', 'styles')

  .sass('resources/styles/editor.scss', 'styles')


    processCssUrls: false,

    postCss: [require('tailwindcss')],



  .js('resources/scripts/app.js', 'scripts')

  .js('resources/scripts/customizer.js', 'scripts')

  .blocks('resources/scripts/editor.js', 'scripts')

  .autoload({ jquery: ['$', 'window.jQuery'] })



  .copyDirectory('resources/images', 'public/images')

  .copyDirectory('resources/fonts', 'public/fonts');




Note: You added a “sage9” tag to your post, but you probably mean Sage 10, as this is the release in master branch.

Sage 10 uses a public folder instead of dist.

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