Missing Extending Sage Page and WPML


I’m following the Sage Book, which is Awesome by the way, and there is a reference to this non-existing page.

So I found the github version.

And I’m seeing you don’t recommend anymore WPML. I love that Sage it’s very opinionated, and I would like to know which plugin (or alternative) do you recommend now to manage translations.

Also there is a lot of debate over performance of localization plugins, but no real independent test.


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:grimacing: I’ll update the book because that docs page was indeed removed recently. I’ve made a note to create a top-level page outside of the docs where we can maintain a list of plugins/tools we recommend using, since this wasn’t really specific to Sage :smiley:

As far as WPML alternatives go, Polylang and Multilingual Press both seem to be well regarded.


What about the Redirect plugin?
It also offers watching posts for permalink changes.

Used to use that until I came across https://wordpress.org/plugins/safe-redirect-manager/ years ago. Redirection is a very heavy plugin.

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@ben then, as I understand, right now there is no preferred multilingual plugin for you, is it?

I’ve found some other minor mistakes in the book, where should I report them?

Officially, there’s not. WPML was previously listed because we had been using their affiliate system, but no longer wanted to officially recommend it.

Please send over to ben@roots.io - thank you!