Missing Styles in Staging/Production (404 on main.css & main.js)

Hey guys,

Here’s my staging env with missing styles (and js):

It’s an out of the box Roots package (sage/trellis/bedrock on DigitalOcean)

This is the step-by-step of the exact process I used.
Here’s the github repo.

According to my console, I seem to be missing my main.css and my main.js. But locally, they load just fine.

I checked out the solutions @ben recommended here. But run-sequence appears to be setup correctly.

My first guess– would be that it has something to do with these lines of code in my /trellis/group_vars/staging/main.ymlfile. Because I’m used to adding these lines, but I can’t find them in the current Example Project.

My second guess– would be that it has something to do with the manifest.json.

There’s always the possibility I missed a vital step.

Did you try to ssh into the staging box and see if the files are in the dist folder at all? That way you can figure out if they are at the right place at all. Maybe it’s just a permission issue.

This is a silly question, but I’m not sure which directory Trellis deploys the site to.

Regardless– I found the solution without having to do that. I noticed two recent posts that reported missing dist folders:

  1. Dist folder does not show up on DO droplet
  2. Deployment with the new Trellis hooks

I simply followed this step, and it worked.


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