Missing ubuntu image

I did a vagrant up on an old project and it failed for a missing ubuntu-16.04-amd64-disk1.vmdk

I should have deleted it by mistake.

I tryied vagrant provision but it ask for a vagrant up

Is there another way to fix this issue?

Is there any important data on the image itself (besides the missing ubuntu-16.04-amd64-disk1.vmdk)?
When everything is just mounted/copied into the vagrant box anyway,
you could use vagrant destroy to completely clean up the broken vagrant box and then vagrant up again to recreate it from scratch.
Hm, better make a copy of the project directory with the broken vagrant anyway…

If the image is gone there’s nothing you can really do. As @strarsis said, you should destroy then up again.

What could have been in the image?
I think everything should be in the bedrock folder (also .git and its history).

I think shouldn’t be a problem to perform a vagrant destroy.

I was actually migrating from this old trellis installation with ubuntu 16 to a fresh new one with ubuntu 18 (I also have a new server where to do the migration).

Maybe I can just copy the bedrock folder to the new trellis installation and drop this broken one?

Thanks for helping!

PS: I think I will open soon another post to ask for how to correctly migrate a multisite install to a new server whit less downtime possible (I’m worried about Let’s encrypt needs for all the domains pointing to the new server)

The database and any uploaded media mostly. But usually that’s just development data which doesn’t matter.

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