Modernizr is not defined

I try to use Modernizr in main.js. For example I want to make code like this:

transEndEventName = transEndEventNames[ Modernizr.prefixed( 'transition' ) ],
support = { transitions : Modernizr.csstransitions };

but I get jshint error:

[10:03:25] Starting ‘jshint’…

line 172 col 55 ‘Modernizr’ is not defined.

Can I use Modernizr in main.js ?
If “yes”, how can I do this?

yes, you can. You just have to add a global variable for jshint.

Actually, since Modernizr is included by default, perhaps this should be added to Sage. What do you think @austin?

Yep go ahead and add it to the .jshintrc