Most efficient way to install ACF Pro in Bedrock without committing license key to repo?

Hi guys,

I’ve had a look around and a a lot of the solutions I can find for this seem very old(i.e. pre-Sage 10).

What’s the best way to install ACF Pro (and my license key without storing it in plain text in the repo) using Sage 10/Bedrock/composer?


If you want to store secrets in your repo then we recommend using Trellis.

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Thanks, I’m not really looking to use Trellis though - I quite enjoy using valet for my WP sites and wouldn’t really want to replace that. Is there another option without having to change my toolset?

Well, Valet has no possible way of helping you with secrets in a git repo. Trellis can via Ansible Vault. :sweat_smile:

You can also use Trellis with Valet locally:

Thanks, maybe I wasn’t clear with my reply, I wasn’t expecting Valet to solve the problem, just that my understanding of Trellis was that it was something that would replace Valet too, which wasn’t what I was looking for. I don’t really want to be messing around with Vagrant boxes to be honest. Only ever had trouble from them!

Thanks for the link to the Valet driver, maybe this is what I need!

We’ve done an awful job at making it clear as to how you can use Trellis, but there are many folks that don’t use Trellis for local dev.

People using Trellis for deployments alone make up a decent amount of the userbase

Try ACF Pro as a Composer Dependency with Encrypted License Key | Roots
We add our key via .env file or yml

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