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Move Bedrock to new cpanel

I have bedrock website and i want to move it to new cpanel in shared hosting with new domain name.
I took backup and extracted it on new cpanel and did same to database and changed configurations in .env file.
What is should do to move it with new domain name?

Bedrock needs Composer server side. Do you have that in the shared hosting?

If the original site is a bedrock site and you don’t have Composer in the shared hosting the only way is to install a plain WordPress site (check WP Version in your site/composer.json file). Just move the site/web/app/ folder to wp-content/.

For the database migration, change app/uploads/ to wp-content/uploads/ using sth like

You can also use that plugin to change the domain name. Just be careful, don’t do it in the old production site ;D.

Hope it helps.

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