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Move Trellis-deployed site to shared hosting

I feel like this is a dumb question considering how long I’ve been using Trellis but it’s early and the coffee hasn’t kicked in. Yeah, that’s a good excuse.

I have a client who wants to take over hosting of a site and move it from a Digital Ocean droplet to a shared host and I’m trying to think through the pitfalls.

Would it work to copy/paste my deployed Trellis site (with all of its .env files and everything) into a shared hosting account, and re-enable file-mods, and call it a day?

Or should I go through the process of installing a traditional WordPress environment and importing the database and uploads?

Yeah, at this point it’s just a Bedrock site

Both are fine. Staying with the Bedrock structure is less work, so if that works, that’s what I would do :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thanks for the sanity check.

I would guess that most traditional hosts are going to want the web root to be named /public_html/ rather than /web/. Is that going to break everything if it’s just a Bedrock site?

Not necessarily, check if you have root access on the ftp server, that is one level above public_html, because that’s where your config, env and composer files should go

You should also update your composer.json and replace /web/ with /public_html/ in the paths if you have ssh access and want to use composer on your shared hosting.

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It’ll be up to the client whether they want to use composer (when you don’t host with us, we don’t do maintenance and updates on your site), but I want to deliver the project in a way that it COULD be used. I appreciate the insight!