Moving server, bedrock newbie

I have been asked to move a bedrock wordpress site (at least, it very much seems to be bedrock from googling some of the functions and looking at the site structure. Until this project, I had never dabbled in bedrock at all.

I grabbed all files and the database and uploaded to our server. I changed the .env file to use our db connection info. I then updated the dns to point to our server.

However, I got the error “The requested URL was not found on this server.”. html pages worked great, but none of the site content pages, nor WP pages such as /wp/wp-admin/

I double checked the files, the new and old servers compared exactly, except the .env file which I changed.

Is there anything else I need to do? I have reverted the old A record to get the site working again, but will try to set up again tonight.

Thanks for any help

It could be an issue with nginx rewrites? I would check there for possible url rewrite issues.

Did you set the document root on your server to bedrock’s web directory?


Thank you for the replies, will check both out…

Thank you thank you thank you. The site is up and running, I had not set the root to the web directory.