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Mulitple localhost bedrock sites

Sorry if it’s been asked/documented before, but I’m new to git and bedrock, and was wondering what is the suggested way of cloning/running multiple bedrock sites on local/development box?
Should I clone mulitple bedrock repos into a separate parent folder?

I’m still quite vague on Bedrock, but this thread, which is about Bedrock-Ansible may offer some insight.

If you already have a development environment set up than I’d just clone/download multiple versions into your top level “sites” directory.

I’m having good results (finally), putting the main or first site in the “site” folder alongside the “ansible” folder (as it is in the example-project repo). Then, I create the other sites in their own folders on the same level as “site” and “ansible”, and add their code to the ansible files that need it.

It took a bit to get right (indentation matters in the group_vars files), but now its going quite well.