Multi-Level Menu w/Bootstrap 3

Has anyone had any success getting multi-level dropdowns to work with Bootstrap 3? I can’t believe they removed that functionality.

I found one current article that had edits for CSS and the functions.php file in Roots, but it didn’t work. Honestly, the only reason I even use Bootstrap is for the free menu - I do all of my own responsive CSS and don’t like conforming to Twitter BS columns.

This may be of help:

Thanks Foxaii - that’s the article I had tried. But since you suggested, I tried it again…doesn’t work. Or I’m doing something wrong.

The default walker depth was changed to 2 with 6.5.0. Have you changed the default to 3 or set it manually?

Foxaii – I’m not sure where the walker depth is set. Is it in one of the library files?

For now, I ditched bootstrap all together and am using the uber menu plugin on sites that need more than one sub level on the navigation.

The depth is set in lib/nav.php on line 84. Or you can override it by setting 'depth' => 3 as an argument when the menu is called in the template. See wp_nav_menu in the codex.


I managed to get the multi-level menu working after changing the dept from 2 to 3. All works well, except when viewing the website on touch devices. The sub-menus are not being displayed. I know it might be an issue with the hover effect but is there a way we can turn it into onclick function when viewing on smartphones or tablets?