Multiple Development Computers with Trellis

I’ve gotten roots (Trellis/Bedrock/Sage), working well now for a WordPress site in development on my local machine iMac. I also use a MacBook Pro part of the day as well and have been looking through the documentation to find the recommended method for setting up Roots on that other computer, so that I’ll be able to work on the site from either computer. I won’t be working on the Roots site ever at the same time on both machines so no worries about conflicts.

Can someone point me in the direction of the documentation on handling this? Thanks!

I don’t think there’s any specific documentation for this, it’s not really in the scope of what Trellis is supposed to handle for you.

The obvious, and in my opinion best, solution for your files would be to use git. You can set up unlimited feee private repositories at Bit Bucket. When moving to the second machine you’d just pull your most recent commit in.

People have different ways of approaching the database sync, I use DB Migrate Pro, and almost always have a remote staging server set up for projects. So, for me, it’s just a matter of pulling the most recent code from version control (git) and then doing a pull with DB Migrate Pro.

I’d suggest staying away from keeping your sites in dropbox. Some people seem to do okay with this method, it’s definitely not for me. One thing you could do would be to keep a copy of your most recent database dump in dropbox - then, if you don’t have a staging server setup, on your second machine you’d just import that database from dropbox with DB Migrate Pro.

Other options to look into for the DB sync are WordMove, or a WP CLI workflow.

Hope that helps!

Sorry yes, I’m using Git for all my projects and DB Migrate for syncing databases and GitHub for my remote repos.

My question, is more just in regards to the specifics relating to trellis/roots on another machine.

That is while I can sync a git repo on another machine as well as sync a database via DB Migrate Pro, I’m assuming I need to first setup Trellis and Bedrock on the other machine. Trying to find out if I start from scratch and repeat all the steps I did on the first machine, or if I install VirtualBox on the machine and then import some sort of vagrant/ansible file from the old machine to the new? Or how others typically go about the process?

If you’re following the example project, then everything from Trellis is in your repo. Of course you need the same prerequisites, Virtualbox, Vagrant, etc. But the actual configuration is in the Ansible Trellis files