Multisite - after provisioning - what to do?

i did test trellis for a while now. So i started with a simple testpage. One question came up during my tests. Is it possible to change to a multisite install - after provisioning a server?
Is this better as to have several single installations?

Thanks for sharing this great project and the attached processes.

Yeah, this is not a problem

That’s up to you and how you want to manage your sites :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a howto anywhere - on switching to multisite?

Without knowing more about what you’re trying to accomplish it’s difficult to answer this question in depth. Generally, though, you just need to change the appropriate value in the appropriate wordpress_sites.yml file(s) and reprovision.

well - documentation is quite clear Trellis assumes your WordPress configuration already has multisite set up. If not, ensure the following values are placed somewhere in Bedrock's config/application.php **before** provisioning your server:

So assuming i’ve 3 sites to run:

i need to create a folder for each of them

and setup a vault-entry for each of them; then - do i need to composer create-project roots/bedrock site1 and so on?
Or is it sufficient to point them all to site1 in the wordpress_sites.yml?

What would be the right steps to start with - and to do it so you can seperate the site if necessary later on?
Or is it even better to have seperate projets for every - project targeting the same target system?

I think you might be confusing using Trellis to manage multiple sites with WordPress multisite. Both are possible with Trellis and Bedrock but are very different solutions. Which one are you trying to accomplish?

yep; thanks - that was my confusion - i like to manage multiple sites - but not with one WP-installation…
So i guess this was it then. I did manage to start multiple sites within Trellis.
Still thanks for everything.

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