Multisite Roots child primary_menu navigating to parent

Hi All,

I’m using Roots as a Parent theme for a multisite, which is going swimmingly, but for whatever reason, the child theme/site is routing the main menu items to the main site.


if you click on the about for, it goes to You can also see it when you hover over the link.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Is it possible to test this menu with a default theme? That would at least narrow down whether its a Roots issue or not.

Good call. It’s still happening with twentyfourteen, so it looks like it’s not roots.


Actually, was completely mistaken about twentyfourteen.

I just tested it again, and the menus, primary nav and footer nav are working with twentyfourteen. They are not, however, working with roots.

So, <?php dynamic_sidebar('sidebar-footer'); ?>

the child site brings in the parent sites’ footer menu. I’ve removed the custom menu widget, and added a new one. All the links are pulling from the main site. Even when I create a custom menu using links (for the instead of pages, it all points back to the parent site’s domain,

Same with the top menu/primary menu. No matter what I do, it’s pulling from the parent site.

So, this is the config:

Roots 7
Domain Mapping Plugin

At the request of the client, I cannot post the urls here. If anyone thinks they can help and wants to see the site(s), please email me:

me at

I’ve spent quite some time on this, so if anyone has any guidance about using roots as a parent theme in a multisite environment, I would really appreciate the help.

I’m at a stopping point with this, because i’ve got 12 more sub sites to create, and I have to prove the 1st one works perfectly to continue to the rest.

Everything else with my parent/child theme relationship is working perfectly.



Also, any assistance provided, I will repost my/our findings here to help guide others wanting to use this configuration!

Alright all,

I’ve solved the issue. It was actually two issues. One was another custom menu I had in the header, pulling in a menu from the primary site. I had to use something like this:

        global $blog_id;
        $current_blog_id = $blog_id;

//wp_nav_menu call
restore_current_blog(); //this was causing the footer issues

The last command was the culprit for causing bloginfo name and footer menu to pull in from the primary site.

The 2nd issue I was having in regards to the primary top menu nav was something else, and I had to interactively restore from git and restore db from those commits to determine where the issue is. I didn’t have time to debug this issue, only to restore the backup and move on.

Anyways, thanks for watching!