Multisite special cases for a noob

Hey guys,

i’m rather new to roots and i’m not yet familiar with gulp, bower and all that stuff but i’m sure that will work. I just wonder what would be the best way to approach my - probably a bit special need:

I’m building a wordpress multisite install for a podcast “network” - actually not really a network but kind of. One Domain that is hosting multiple podcasts in subdirectories. For plugin configuration reasons each podcast will have it’s own blog. The design of the sites will be very similar apart from some colors and background images changed. For the beginning there will be the main site and two podcast sites, so three blogs overall.

I was thinking to go with a master theme and child themes for the podcast blogs. That should most probably be the way that WordPress intends to do it. How would that work out with bedrock and sage? Will I be able to build this setup with that? Aynthing special to watch?

Like I said i’m a complete beginner but i purchased the sage book a while ago and will starting out with that. Just thought i’ll ask if i should better take a complete different way or if my way may work.

Thanks for helping,

Child themes sound like a good solution for you, and you won’t experience issues with either Sage or Bedrock with what you’re wanting to do