Multisite WooCommerce TTFB / PHP Performance-Optimization (Roots-Stack)

We are running a multisite WooCommerce shop based on the Roots-Stack (Trellis / Bedrock / Sage 9) and are using the WooCommerce-implementation Sage WooCommerce in order to make Sage compatible with WC.

Currently we are facing issues with the general site performance – when not using a page cache (or being able to do so) the pages render utterly slow and I haven’t been able to find out the reason for this…

Thus we are looking for experienced DEVs being available for a paid evaluation and debugging session.

This is our live site:

Even simple content like our legal pages takes ~ 5s to load, see the WebPageTest results:

You can test for yourself when appending the ?cache=false flag to any URL (using WP Rocket currently).

We have a staging environment where I have installed some debugging plugins (Query Monitor, Laps) and also just recently enabled the PHP Profiling via Tideways in order to get some proper insights…

Would be happy to hear back and will gladly give a quick tour of our setup.

Please include some references (current projects / plugins / …) when applying.

Thanks & regards!


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