My front-end CSS gets included in dashboard, messing things up. Why?

I have no idea why my front-end CSS gets loaded in admin. As far as I can tell I’m not even doing anything related to enqueuing/loading my styles, I let SAGE do that for me.

Yet my front-end CSS gets included in admin and messes things up, included the main text editor which becomes mostly unusable because of it.

Any idea about the cause of this issue? Perhaps it is a known issue? (although I couldn’t find anything on it googling around)

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The editor style should only be affecting the WYSIWYG, and not the entire admin area.

This could depend on what OP means by “admin area”. I’ve found that page builders like Beaver Builder inherit an annoying number of styles from the theme.

This solved the issue, I commented away this line. Thanks! One question though: why on earth is the front-end stylesheet included in the admin/dashboard area by default??? Making it possible sure, but setting it by default I don’t follow.

Can’t say I know the answer to that one. I personally just change it to tinymce.css and put all my Editor styles in a seperate CSS file.

Sorry to bring up an oldie here, but I’m getting the same issue but cannot solve it by commenting out or removing that line. You can see here that my media library (amongst other things) is super jacked. Really seems like the solution should be staring me in the face, but I’m just not seeing why this isn’t working.

I can say for certain, that even after removing the line from the setup.php file for “add_editor_style” the main.css file is still being injected right into the body of the page… :thinking:

Seems like a conflict somewhere else or something you’ve added, because this isn’t the behavior of Sage out of the box