Namespaces and the Sage Docs

Continuing the discussion from Error when adding functions in extras.php:

Hi Roots Team,

After moving from an older version of Roots, I was confounded by not being able to call functions I had declared in custom.php. After some searching and reading, I eventually found the linked thread and its linked article and, hurray, lightbulb on! Very cool stuff.

Anyway, this is a request/suggestion to include the information from that post within the sage docs. I promise, I RTFM but it wasn’t there! Indeed, there’s nothing about namespaces in the Sage docs and dozens of posts here on about them. Maybe adding the linked write up to the sage docs (really great work, btw) will help us all? seems a good spot.


Great suggestion! Just added it, thanks!

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Great. Thanks very much, Ben.

If folks keep asking, adding a note and @link to the top of functions.php might help.

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