Nedd some help with a fatal error when installing/configuring WooCommerce-Plugin (Trellis/Bedrocks)

Hi, I need some help with bedrocks and the WooCommerce-Plugin.
I followed the steps to setup trellis & bedrocks.
I tried to install WooCommerce in the admin-dashboard. → I get an error message when I try to activate it.

Then I tried to install it with composer:

  1. Add “wpackagist-plugin/woocommerce”: “3.2.5” to composer.json
  2. composer install && update
  3. Activate WooCommerce
  4. Follow Setup (until Step 3)
  5. Error…

Can someone help me?

It looks like it’s trying to load a WooCommerce PayPal Gateway plugin here, not the actual WooCommerce plugin itself. I don’t recall the WC setup process, but I’d guess it’s trying to install this gateway and failing—probably for the same reason your original attempt to install WC through the admin panel failed. What was the error you got when you tried that? Is this a new site, or are you trying to convert an existing site to trellis/bedrock?