Need a Developer to Clean Up (and fix) Roots Install


@Chris_Palmer I agree w/ @fullyint that it’s probably a mixed content issue. I don’t believe your site is a Bedrock site. The site/home urls in your database have the correct protocol. Your wp-config.php did statically define those URLs (to the wrong protocol) at one point, but they were commented out before I started looking at it.

I went back and took another look at the theme files, and while there were a number of non-https hard-coded URLs, there are a number that are using what should be the correct functions to get URLs, so it seems like there’s something in there telling WordPress it’s on a non-SSL site.


Isn’t there a setting in WordPress to set your URL?


Maybe force all requests to Https in .htacess?


@MWDelaney What’s your email? It’s limited the messages I can send on here. Would like to have you jump in and give this a shot.