Need a Developer to Clean Up (and fix) Roots Install

Hey all,
If you look at my website you can see that the theme is no longer working. This happened just a few days ago, and I haven’t been able to pinpoint the issue, even with restoring backups.

I’m in urgent need of a developer to have a look at this.

Please email me or text me at 907 .299.7359


Looks like at least part of your issue is that you’re serving the site on https but your certificate’s bad:

…and that’s causing most of your assets (CSS, JS, images, etc) to not load:

Looks like it’s a Let’s Encrypt cert, so if you’re managing the site yourself, you can probably renew/regenerate it. Otherwise you should talk to your host and get them to do that.

(For reference, a functioning Let’s Encrypt certificate would look more like this:


If it’s a Trellis site, this issue (resolved in that PR) could explain the expired cert. it’s neen about enough time for non-updated sites to be expiring.

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Cool. I’ll start to talk to them.

I’m also happy to take a look this weekend if you can’t get it resolved.

This website is my livelihood, so I’d rather get it resolved sooner than later. Tech support is looking again. I was on with them earlier and all they did was try to search/replace anything from http to https for mixed content, and also tried to do a restore. I just don’t understand the issue.

Well that’s troubling. The solution to a once-working site with an expired certificate isn’t to remove the certificate, it’s to renew it. Can you tell us who your hosting is with?

The certificate is brand new. And they didn’t even try renewing it. Didn’t cross their minds, I guess. Hosting with WPEngine. They’re usually pretty awesome and I’ve never felt there’s been a safer place for my website. But, you know how it is sometimes dealing with entry level IT support. Again, they’re usually good.

Yeah, it’s 100% a certificate issue. If I tell Firefox to ignore its concerns about the validity of the cert, the site loads fine:

This is definitely an issue WPEngine can and should be fixing for you.

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Frustrating. Just want it fixed. I’ll get on their case again here soon.

Was just on the phone with WPEngine and they said they couldn’t do anything to help. They said that the http calls were deep in the theme files and it kept trying to force those calls.

So, perhaps that’s true. If there’s something forcing it to do the http vs https, then I can imagine it would throw up all those warnings. And if the SSL is also trying to force all the URLs to https, then it would just go in circles.

My understanding is limited.

Can someone help out here? Really, I need to hire someone to dive in and take a look at this.

@alwaysblank @MWDelaney

I won’t be near a computer for a couple hours, but if @MWDelaney hasn’t shown up I can probably hop in and take a look.

I’m not available until tomorrow, so it’s all you if you’re around.

@Chris_Palmer, for whomever is able to help first, here are some questions we’ll need the answers to:

Who created the theme and site and why are they not involved at this point?

Who set up the SSL certificate?

Why can’t we renew the certificate?

Do you have access to the source files for the theme, or is what’s on the site the only thing available?

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I’m back home, and I’ll be around all weekend. Send me a PM if you want me to take a look.

I’m not sure I have the rights to PM. Don’t see where I can do that. Shoot me a text at nine oh seven 299-7359 and we’ll find a way to message each other. @alwaysblank

Just sent you a PM. You should be able to find it at


I also sent a PM just now, @Chris_Palmer. If @alwaysblank got to you first then definitely work with him! He’s halfway decent at this stuff I guess :wink:

At first glance, the cert seems fine, not expired, at least now, a day later than OP. Seems like just a mixed content issue.

Any chance this is a bedrock-based site with a .env file that was recently mistakenly updated to have http in WP_HOME and/or WP_SITEURL (e.g., during a recent WP update)?

If you have an .env file, you could double-check that WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL have https.

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@alwaysblank Thoughts on this?