Need help about versioning and deployment (Bedrock, Sage)


My name is Jérôme and I’m a frontend developer. I have worked with WordPress for years (front/back developments) without Bedrock. To be honnest, that was a pain. I can’t believe I have worked without this wonderful tool.

Due to professional changes, I only do frontend stuff (no more WordPress), but with more professional tools like Laravel, Docker, versionning and other technologies. I still love the backend side and my experience (in PHP, MVC, CLI, GIT, deployment…) helps my colleagues every day. I’m happy with that.

I discovered Bedrock a few days ago. I was surprised to see that with a few command lines, I could install a WordPress, and even use WP CLI, DotEnv, … My dream! Moreover, I’m overwhelmed by the Frontend tools: sass and javascript compilation, image optimization,… Ok, at the beginning it wasn’t easy, it took me 3 days to get everything working (Bedrock + Sage).

But I have some questions about versioning (1) and deployment (2) !

  1. How can I regularly and safely save my changes during the development of my project? Github?
  2. If my WordPress site is already in production (which is not the case), how do I deploy my changes to production? There will be a conflict between my local website and the production site in the database and media library. What are the solutions?

FYI, I use Windows 10 at home, PHPStorm and the Ubuntu Terminal (that I got from the Microsoft Store here

Thank your for your help,

More than 1 month, and still no help. How can I build a project if no one helps? 1 month is an eternity.

I won’t come back here. Forget my questions.