Need quick fix--some Memberpress plugin templates not working

I’m banging my head against the wall trying to get Memberpress plugin templates to work completely with Sage 9. Everything works fine with Sage 8, so this may have to do with blade, which is new for me. A few people have given some suggestions and I’ve tried figuring it out on my own, but I don’t have the dev skills.

I had a similar problem with bbpress, and this fixed it:

Another person may have had a similar problem with buddypress. Solution here:

I’m wanting to fix the problem and also understand how it was fixed so I can learn and use blade correctly, and it seems like there is a fix out there.

Within Memberpress, there are some slugs for “plans” and “register” (see screenshot below) specified under “Group and Membership Page Slugs”, which seem to be the only pages that don’t work.

I have verified that using shortcodes instead is working. Not sure if that would be considered a slightly hacky workaround. I’d prefer to have a good understanding of sage 9 and blade usage.

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He hello @eric_gauvin, did you already fond a solid solution for Memberpress and Sage 9?


Add a filter.

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Has anyone had any success with Memberpress Template Overrides? Their documentation states:

Create a directory in your theme or child theme’s base folder named “memberpress.” Inside that folder, you can place any of our templates (found in /app/views/… ) to override them with your own. However, the folder structure must be maintained. So for example, if you wish to override the /app/views/account/home.php template — you would put the file in /your-theme/memberpress/account/home.php .

This particular structure doesn’t appear to be working with Sage 9.

Did you ever manage to make it work @joshb ? Looking into adding it to Sage 10 by now and I am looking into making something like . In older Sage 9 I was able to setup WooCommerce with relative ease and this new Woo Sage 10 package seems to follow the same structure with loading like Sage 9… only the Acorn way.

update: Checking Sage 9, Blade and Buddypress as well


Nope, not yet.
Looking into it again though…

How about yourself, any luck?

So I had the Memberpress support guys check out the Sage 9 file structure and they said they don’t see why their plugins template overrides should not work with it.

Not really sure where to go from here. Does anyone know how to make this work?

Can you list the full file paths you’ve tried?

I’ve tried both of these:




Their documentation states:

So for example, if you wish to override the /app/views/account/home.php template — you would put the file in /your-theme/memberpress/account/home.php .

Still can’t see to narrow this down.
Template overrides are simply not working.

Hopefully someone can provide some help on this yet.

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I am still trying to figure this out. I’ve been able to get the overrides to work within other themes but still no luck with Sage 9.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!