New at git and modern wordpress development

Hi guys!!

I came across the roots theme after doing some research about Wordpress and bootstrapping. I am completely new at this bootstrapping thing and how to set it up, also only recently started using GitHub and know the basics how to clone etc. Tried to figure out last night how to install the root theme (which I managed to get right and edit wp-config) but the rest seems all new to me. Grunt? Modules? Really want to learn this and how to get it working correctly. Any tips or advice where to start? I was going through the “Roots101” guide and got stuck right after the Grunt and theme configuration, not too sure where to go after that.

I appreciate it when someone ones to learn, so welcome to the forums. I would suggest starting at Roots 101. However, we’re not mind readers here, so I’m not sure what you mean by “got stuck” after the Grunt section.

I don’t know how much experience you have with WordPress or with CSS preprocessors, but Roots is for the somewhat experienced WordPress developer and who uses CSS preprocessors.

Hi Kalen,

Thank you for your reply. Well at the moment I try to go step by step to understand this.

I browsed to the Roots theme directory on my Linux box and ran the Grunt commands as per the document:

“Install grunt-cli globally with npm install -g grunt-cli.
Navigate to the theme directory, then run npm install. npm will look at package.json and automatically install the necessary dependencies. It will also automatically run bower install, which references dependencies in bower.json”

After running the Grunt commands im not too sure where to from there?

Think the problem here is I don’t know how this works exactly, where should I start to learn more about this? Feel like the only way I am going to understand this is if I start at bottom again. I have basic understanding how CSS works, know where to edit if I want font to show different color or style, change background, etc. From what I’ve seen it feels like I have skipped a chapter how to get there and thats why I am not understanding this 100%.

You’re not asking anything specific though, so what are we supposed to help you with?

It seems you’ve reached the point where you successfully installed Roots which is great. All that means is the easy part is done and now you can begin crafting your theme.