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New navigation - Sage 9

Hi everyone!
I’m running on Sage 9 - boostrap beta2 and I don’t find a way to modify the actual navigation. The default one is fine for me more or less, I just need to modify the markup a little to add classes etc for changing style and behaviour.
I tried to look into a lot of files, even with “search in all files” with a class of the item but I didn’t get me any results. Where the hell is the navigation defined? :joy:
Which way is better, modify the current one OR create a new walker and implement it? In the case of create a custom walker in which file is the best way to do that?
Hope someone can help me.
Thanks everyone in advance :slight_smile:

The file named header.blade.php.

We have no idea what you are trying to accomplish. :slight_smile:

Yeah I found that, it was obvious :yum: but where is wp_nav_menu declared?

I mean, where is the header built? The blade if statement to me means: if you have a primary navigation (the one you set as primary in admin) add it with a container with nav as class of the container.
But my question is this: now with the default markup the header looks like the photo but where does it take the menu-item class for example?

More or less create a new menu, but only change the markup of the current one. Something like add active class, add a cta to open a modal and change the style / behaviour of the mobile version.

Hope everything is clear :slight_smile:

EDIT: if the actual nav structure is the default of wordpress and I need to recreate that, which is the best place to do that? I red somewhere you discourage a lot to write stuff in the function.php (for CPT and Taxonomies I created a plugin) and in this case a simply way yo achieve that without register a new walker is maybe go with wp_get_nav_menu_items… but where?

wp_nav_menu is a WordPress core function. menu-item comes from WordPress core.

This question might be better suited for as it’s not related to Sage or Blade :slight_smile: