New Redis role for Trellis

Hey y’all,

I whipped up a somewhat quick and dirty role for anyone who wants to use Redis on their Trellis server:

I prefer to use it for my object cache, and I figured I might as well make it public.

Be gentle, it’s my first time doing anything with Ansible basically ever. :wink:

But I welcome comments, suggestions, and improvements.


P.S. Oh yeah, this is my first post. So… hi! :wave:


I have forked this project and it is now available for the latest version of Trellis (using PHP7.4).

- name: trellis-redis
  src: marksabbath.trellis_redis
  version: 0.2.8

Thanks for doing this. I very rarely work with WordPress (or even PHP) anymore so keeping this up to date slipped off my radar. I’m happy to let others take it over; perhaps you can do more with it than I was ever really able to find time to do.