New to Wordpress, not new to Coding (Best Practices pointers needed)

Hi there,

This post is not directly related to any of the Roots components, sorry if it’s inappropriate & too broad to post on this in this forum. Feel free to delete or move it wherever it belongs, if it belongs.

That being said, I’m new to Wordpress (and I have to use Wordpress, and I don’t have alternative in the short term for various projects) and I’m surprised at the state of development practices, it looks like it’s not a nice place for coders.

I’ve seen the Roots components and they look promising, but while they might give some good foundations at “WordPress infrastructure” level I’m struggling both at the app and WordPress development levels: how to keep in sync local-staging-prod, best practice for doing page layouts (keep presentation and content clearly separated via custom fields… use a layout plugin so the user can do it? [really? :worried:]), how to configure as much as possible with code, best way of using version control… well, you know, that kind of things.

The question: Is there any good forum (maybe other than StackOverflow, WordPress–StackExchange? where more Good Practices seeking and conscious WP developers are present…) where I can ask about good practices at various levels of WordPress development? From coders to coders. Are there any good blogs, books, youtube channels… about the issue?