New Website, Sage, and the Future

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This is the 5th major update to the site since 2011. We’ve updated the design, re-branded the starter theme, and released a big update with version 8.0.0. Re-introducing the starter theme as Sage The Roots starter theme is now known as Sage. Ever since we launched Bedrock, things got a little weird with branding since…


Congratulations on this achievement. I have been with you guys since 2011 and have watched this thing grow into this revolution. I am so excited for this new release. I plan on building my personal site (which has been “under construction” since 1998) using Sage now that it is alive and kicking.

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Looking forward to testing out the new features.

So stoked to use the stable version of 8.0. I’ve done a few projects with the development branch, and even while it didn’t have all the new bells and whistles worked out, it was still a more intuitive workflow and project structure.

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Congratulations guys! I’ve been using the prerelease version and I really like it. I’m learning a lot and hopefully writing better code. Well done!

What wonderful news! I am very eager to test and verify that it was actually better. Congratulations !!

Brilliant. Can’t wait to try the Yeoman generator with Foundation. Top work.