Newbie: Confused by Deploy Instrucitons Regarding Trellis

I’m new to Roots, please forgive my ignorance.

I followed the official instructions to install Bedrock, and ended up with a WordPress install, as I expected after executing this command:

composer create-project roots/bedrock

But as I moved through the instructions I came to the next page that seems to advise me to deploy using an alternate method: Trellis. After reading through it’s instructions I’m now totally confused as to what’s going on. The composer command quickly and easily created my WordPress install, so why am I being introduced to Trellis after I’ve deployed already? Am I misunderstanding that Trellis is simply a way of deploying Bedrock?

Thank you!


Any other deployment method can be used as well with one requirement:

composer install must be run as part of the deploy process.

Although we recommend using Trellis, it’s not required in order to deploy a Bedrock site.

Again, you can “deploy” (get your Bedrock/WP site onto a remote server) however you want or normally do. The only extra requirement is that composer install needs to be run.

We recommend Trellis because it works with Bedrock out of the box but yes it’s more complicated because it’s more than just a deployment method.

Okay, so Trellis is more than a deployment method because you can say “Okay, I finished my site on dev, now lets publish to production by running a command using Trellis.”

Among other things?

Thanks for your time and patience!

The Trellis site and its doc should hopefully do a good job of describing everything it does. It just happens to also deploy :slight_smile:

Well it automates the The deployment of the site into different environments.

You can also use it to manage multiple sites installed on the same trellis instance, I actually don’t think this gets brought up enough – but I have five or six sites running of a single trellis instance hosted through Digital ocean. Trellis and Sage can be a bit hard to get the hang of, but it’s well worth sticking with it.

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Thanks to both of you. I read through the docs but I couldn’t quiet wrap my head around how Trellis is used. @thisolivier your context I think connected the dots for me!