Nfs fail on mac os

What is the current behavior?

Seems like it’s not working on mac os.


  • site_hosts are not available
  • no hosts in /etc/hosts
  • “Mounting NFS shared folders…” last more that expected

==> default: Mounting NFS shared folders…
The following SSH command responded with a non-zero exit status.
Vagrant assumes that this means the command failed!
set -e
mkdir -p /vagrant-nfs-an-my-host-here
mount -o vers=3,udp /vagrant-nfs-my-host-here
if command -v /sbin/init && /sbin/init --version | grep upstart; then
/sbin/initctl emit --no-wait vagrant-mounted MOUNTPOINT=/vagrant-nfs-my-host-here
Stdout from the command:
Stderr from the command:
mount.nfs: Connection timed out

What is the expected or desired behavior?

my dev host available with wordpress template

Bug report

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Ansible version: ansible

OS: MacOS Sierra

Vagrant version: Vagrant 1.8.6

Where did the bug happen? Development or remote servers?


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no repo now

Is there a related Discourse thread or were any utilized (please link them)?

not found

Hi @antonmarin!

Have you successfully run Trellis Vagrant VMs on your machine in the past, or are you working on getting it set up for the first time?

As best I can tell, this is just a Vagrant issue, not specific to Trellis, so I believe you’ll ultimately find the resolution by searching beyond Roots discourse. I think you’ll find many ideas to try if you google around, e.g., this or various others.

Here are a few ideas nonetheless.

Give the NFS a few more chances to mount correctly. Try these a few times:

vagrant reload --provision

or more drastic:

vagrant destroy -f && vagrant up

Also try this:

If you still have trouble, check your /etc/exports and remove any invalid entries related to Vagrant then vagrant destroy -f && vagrant up

You might also update your version of VirtualBox.

You might also just try a completely fresh download of Trellis, with no customizations (just use the default If it works, that would suggest the problem was with your customizations.

found solution:
problem was in phpstorm. it’s “vagrant up” is not interactive, so nfsd has no rights to start.

manual “vagrant up” from terminal solved the problem.

is there any way to start in non interactive mode?

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