Nice webpack terminal UI (webpack-dashboard)

Kinda pointless but may appeal to some. Formidable Labs have released a pretty cool (depends on how you define cool :grinning:) Webpack module called Webpack Dashboard:

Github page here.

Pretty ease to integrate using their readme but in summary:

  1. Run npm install webpack-dashboard --save-dev
  2. Add const DashboardPlugin = require('webpack-dashboard/plugin'); to assets/build/util/webpack.config.js
  3. Add new DashboardPlugin() within plugins: in assets/build/util/webpack.config.js
  4. Open up package.json in the root of the the sage theme and within "scripts" add webpack-dashboard -- to the beginning of any of the tasks you wish to run within the dashboard. For example "start": "webpack-dashboard -- webpack --hide-modules --watch --config assets/build/webpack.config.js", would mean yarn run will now use the dashboard.

As I said, kinda pointless but it does make everything slightly more digestible/fun :slight_smile:


This is great! And thanks for the install guide specific to Sage! Made it super easy to setup. Thanks for finding and sharing.


That is cool :sunglasses: