No Dropdown support on Soil nav walker?

Since the recent sage build 8.2 nav walker is moved to soil, but the nav walker in the soil doesn’t support drop down menus, i only see the sub-menu class in the ul nothing in the parent list items or link is there any way to add the missing dropdown support ?

Soil is framework and theme agnostic (you don’t need Bootstrap or Sage to use it).

Discussion on reimplementing the Bootstrap walker can be found here: How to restore the Bootstrap nav [walkthrough]


thanks for your reply actually i dont want to use the bootstrap nav, only need to add some class to the parent li to identify there is dropdown. when i use the soil i got a cleaner makup for the nav section but the dropdown class is missing.

in normal wp markups there is a class in the li to identify there is a dropdown that part is missing from current soil. the sub-menu class is generated correctly but nothing in the parent li

solved it, modified the current soil nav-walker to add the missing class to the parent li

here is the modified file:

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