No Input File Specified after deploy

After I deploy to an endpoint sometimes I get a message “No input file specified” and this message persists for me for a few minutes and then will clear up.

Is this the WP Object cache? I don’t have any other caching enabled yet.

I haven’t seen this. What VPS provider are you using? Have you made any changes to the provision of deploy playbooks?

I’m using the Capistrano deployment plugin for bedrock. And Im using my own dedicated server.
Any thoughts.
If it helps I’m using webmin and virtualmin.

@Austin_Adams In a quick google search for the error “No input file specified” I see mostly results regarding server setup, particularly php setup with Apache or nginx. I think it may not be a bedrock issue, and I’m guessing you aren’t provisioning your server with the roots tool Trellis. If you haven’t already looked through those search results, take a look and let us know if you have any leads pointing to an issue with bedrock etc.

BTW, given that you’re running your own dedicated server, you may really enjoy Trellis, a godsend for server setup. However, it doesn’t include things like webmin or cpanel, but I suppose you could add them.

The odd thing is that it only happens on a deploy. Then clears up a bit later.
Maybe I need to restart apache after every deploy.

It’s most likely some type of cache, probably opcache? But yeah, an apache restart with your deploy process sounds in order

We host quite a few bedrock sites now using WHM/cPanel and have found that restarting apache only fixes this issue some of the time.

I addition to restarting apache we also reset the PHP version of the account/hosting using MultiPHP Manager and it then works immediately.