No package matching 'python-software-properties' is available on vagrant up

I just cloned a fresh set of Trellis, Bedrock, and Sage and went to vagrant up like I always do. However, provisioning fails fairly early on:

TASK [common : Checking essentials] ********************************************
changed: [default] => (item=build-essential)
No package matching 'python-software-properties' is available
failed: [default] (item=python-software-properties) => {"changed": false, "item": "python-software-properties"}

I tried searching for information on this but found nothing seemingly recent or relevant. I’ve set up a Trellis box as recently as a month ago without issue. What might be the cause of this?

Software versions and info:

  • macOS 10.14.1
  • iTerm 3.2.6
  • Vagrant 2.2.2
  • VirtualBox 5.2.22
  • If I use a virtualenv and install ansible, I’m on python 2.7.15 and ansible 2.5.3
  • If I don’t use virtualenv, I’m still seeing python 2.7.15 and I don’t have ansible installed

Trellis master is currently broken as of e2a5c95

Working on a fix right now, but reverting to 834966f in the meantime will work

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I just ran into this. If you change line 32 in roles/common/defaults/main.yml:

python-properties-common: "{{ apt_package_state }}"


software-properties-common: "{{ apt_package_state }}"

Everything works.

Apologies for the issue here, but the fix has been merged in from

Dealing with both Python 2+ 3 and Ubuntu 16.04 + 18.04 turned out to be very complicated.

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