No /srv/www or /home/vagrant/trellis directory on fresh VM

Hi, running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and setting up my first Roots local development environment.

Following the instructions on the README (, and everything seems fine: vagrant up returns successfully:

==> default: Your Trellis Vagrant box is ready to use!
==> default: * Composer and WP-CLI commands need to be run on the virtual machine
==> default:   for any post-provision modifications.
==> default: * You can SSH into the machine with `vagrant ssh`.
==> default: * Then navigate to your WordPress sites at `/srv/www`
==> default:   or to your Trellis files at `/home/vagrant/trellis`.

I am able to connect via vagrant ssh.

However, when I view http://roots-example-project.test/ it displays the Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page, and when I browse the directories /srv/www and /home/vagrant/trellis, neither directory exists. Not sure where to begin troubleshooting.

Any help would me much appreciated!

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