No styles in primary_navigation on fresh install of Sage

Is that correct or is there an issue with my setup. Setup all seemed to go well.

That’s correct, the Bootstrap nav styling was removed a few months back.

If you want to double check you can compare your install with the Sage demo that can be seen at

There’s also a thread on how to restore the styles if you search these forums.

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Thanks for the link and thank you for your quick response. I’ll check it out.

Good to have this sorted out. I was looking for the same answer this very moment. May I ask why this was removed?

You can read through the discussion on the PR

As far as I understand these two URLs will help you back:


However. That navwalker isn’t the same navwalker that were bundled with Sage a month ago :frowning: I’m not sure wether or not I like this, as I’m concerned that you might scare away the small and medium skilled WP developers. Is this really the way to go?

I tried to implement the above walker, but it only supports one sub level of menus :frowning: And second of all, we’re back with all those

  • classes uglyfying the source code again:
    <li class="menu-item menu-item-type-post_type menu-item-object-page menu-item-19" id="menu-item-19">
    <li class="active menu-home">

    So, obvious questions will be:

    • Is it easy to implement the short classes again?
    • Is it easy to implement more sub levels again?
  • We’re not maintaining Sage for beginners. We actively discourage its use for a first time WordPress user.

    Any mid-range developer will be able to re-implement the walker, either by following the instructions to use a third party repository or by re-instating the code that was removed.

    We’re moving towards becoming framework agnostic, so it really is the way to go and the way things are going.

    If you want the cleaner nav walker, you can use Soil:

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    Addition info. Found this: Introducing Sagextras

    This work? Anyone tried or is it vapor?

    Yes, I do understand this and I see as a good intention and the proper way to go. But fundamentally Sage is released as a Bootstrap compatible starter theme. Also: what has cleaner menu classes to do with Bootstrap/framework agnostisism?

    Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

    The vast amount of Bootstrap components have no PHP code in Sage to support them. There’s nothing for carousels, modals, collapses, popups etc but Sage does include the CSS and JS required for developers to go out and implement those features. For us that’s Bootstrap compatible.

    We’ve abstracted a lot of code (including cleaner menu classes) to the Soil plugin because it makes those features easier for us to maintain, accessible to non-Sage themes and easily updatable without touching the theme.

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