Non Wordpress equivalent to Sage


I came to Sage from Yeoman, using webapp. When I discovered it I though Wow! This is amazing, is there something similar in WP?

Now it’s happening the other way around. I just developed a front-end landing and using the Yeoman Webapp everything was outdated, some things broken and inefficient (like imagemin for example), and it made waste a lot of hours.

So I was wondering, which solution similar to Sage quality standards do you use or recommend?


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Are you looking for just a straight HTML, CSS and JS with Webpack to transpile? Bootstrap is already Webpack ready and Foundation 6.4.4 will too, I believe. I use some Hugo and Jekyll templates that do close to what Sage is doing. Try Github, there should be a template for everything you need, or at least enough to get started to make your own Webpack BP template.

Thanks @NusserStudios!

Yes, I am looking for a very simple Webpack configuration with Sass, Imagemin, code linter, etc… With, or without bootstrap. Just the same as Sage but without Wordpress.

This was exactly accomplished with webapp generator.

I know there are lots of other generators, and github provides many templates, but Sage it’s quite unique, so I wanted to know your experience with specific options, coming from a Sage mindset.

For non-WordPress projects I just use Laravel Mix (which we’ll be switching to) and drop in the assets folder from Sage


You might look at Jigsaw which brings a lot of the Blade/Laravel love into static sites. It compiles with Laravel Mix.


thank you @ben and @danielroe!

This is what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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Jigsaw is awesome, thanks for mentioning it. I’ve been using Jekyll and Hugo for smaller projects, but this is my new go to.

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Happened to come across this, but if you’re still interested in a solution I would recommend Parcel

I’ve used it for some landing pages and it’s super easy to get up and running with Sass, ES6, cache-busted assets, and adding any other package you may need (Bootstrap, Bulma, etc).